The s*x tape you will be watching below was recorded 2007 and the fiance didn't see this not until few days to wedding.

According to source, the s*x tape was sent personally to the husband by the guy who recorded it but what the source didn't confirm is if the guy is the groom's friend or not.

For those of you who are very use to the internet, you must have seen this before and for those of you yet to see it, click link below only if you are 18+ to download and watch

See screen shots taken from video below
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  1. Honestly,that ex boyfriend of hers,should be killed.

  2. TO be candid no matter what transpired with the both of them should have been resolved from a different note. not to exposed what there did years back. more so sex takes place with married and unmarried daily, why is he so childish to make a public show of there sex life. the guy does not deserve a wife in his life because he does not respect woman hood.
    want to encourage the guy about to weed to forgive the past of his wife to be, let love be the pivot. this is
    moment of true test for love. guy go ahead and do you weeding, if u decide not to marry bose u will still marry a girl who
    have had sex with a man.